Guillaume Hammadi

Senior Software Developer

Originally a mechanical engineer, Guillaume quickly figured out that computers were at least as fun as giant telescopes. Guillaume has sixteen years of experience in software engineering around the world. His tenacity when chasing elusive bugs is only matched by how clearly he can explain the ins and outs of a system to non-technical stakeholders.
He is an avid traveler and digital nomadism is more than a label to him. He’s delivered successful projects from America, Oceania and Europe with teams all over the time zones. When Guillaume is not typing away on a clicky mechanical keyboard, he can be found on a local mountain or in a remote part of the world. Usually on a mountain bike, with a kite attached to his waist or a snowboard under his feet.


Our team has decades of experience in green building innovation, software development, and business development.

With executive and management level experience in policy-making, real estate development, property management, architecture, energy modelling, product management, and business management, we have a holistic understanding of the building sector and the leverage points to create positive change.

OPEN Technologies grew out of the OPEN Green Building Society, a non-profit organization that has been developing open source software tools for the green building space since 2013. Today, OPEN Technologies and OPEN Green Building Society are affiliated organizations with a shared goal: to use data to shape a regenerative future for our cities.

Andrew Shopland

Software Developer

Charlotte Drache-Lambert

Director of Programs and Customer Engagement

Christian Cianfrone

Co-founder and Chief Decarbonization Officer

Daniel Eden

GRID Product Manager

Dave Ramslie

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Donovan Woollard

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Eesmyal Santos-Brault

Co-founder, OPEN
CEO, Quantified Citizen

Gaurav Vijayvargia

Senior Software Developer - Custom Projects


Floor Manager

Guillaume Hammadi

Senior Software Developer

Johanna Fulda

Senior Software Developer

Justin Belanger

Software Developer

Justine Wiklo

Business Analyst

M’Beth Schoenfeld

Data Scientist

Maia Smith

UX Designer

Ryan McCuaig

Senior Advisor, Technology