Smart Surfaces

is a tool that provides urban decision-makers a cost-benefit model of using surfaces that reduce urban heat island effect, absorb carbon and/or reduce run-off.

Three for All

is a campaign to promote judicious implementation of the BC Energy Step Code. OPEN Green Building Society was a member of the Three for All coalition and acted as its secretariat.


is an industry hub that facilitates knowledge exchange to accelerate market transformation.


allows designers, engineers, and energy modellers of Part 3 buildings to explore the energy performance impact of a range of design options.

CaGBC Disclosure Challenge

champions the importance of data transparency in the Canadian real estate market and encourages the development and adoption of building energy benchmarking and disclosure programs across the country. The Disclosure Challenge builds upon OPEN’s GRID platform.

The Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide

organizes thermal bridging performance data, ie. the rate of heat transfer through a building envelope, into an easily accessible resource for engineers, designers and energy modellers looking to mitigate heat escape.