Confident policy making, asset management, and investment requires accurate performance data. Energy benchmarking is the process of tracking and recording a building’s energy performance over time and comparing that performance to other buildings in its class. 

GRID helps jurisdictions run energy benchmarking and disclosure programs, providing a data backbone to inform policy development in service of energy and carbon efficient cities.

For building owners, benchmarking can help to identify opportunities for value through operational efficiency and asset improvement projects.

Data exists, but it’s not accessible or informative yet

Identifying what is a single property can be difficult if your region includes properties with buildings that have multiple meters, many owners/managers, or even multiple buildings on one lot. GRID is here to pull all this data together and to help you validate your datasets.

Leveraging ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) as a starting place for utility and building attribute data and using the powerful Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform to standardize building energy information, GRID helps you through the process of identifying which properties are in your region that would be eligible for a benchmarking program.

Making the complex simple to interpret

Once we have a validated dataset, GRID will help make interactive the information you now have about your region and it’s building stock. Using a combination of histograms, charts, and maps we visualize the information you have into easy to understand formats.

GRID also produces a building scorecard, so every building in your program can receive a snapshot that details how they are doing compared to their peers. Easily inform everyone involved!

Disclosure doesn’t have to be scary

We understand the “disclosure” can seem intimidating to some, but GRID was made to put nuanced control in your hands. Easily track which properties have received their scorecard, which have consented to public disclosure, and who’s still on the fence.

Benchmarking alone is powerful, it provides information that would be otherwise impossible to understand (how one is doing compared to their peers). Disclosure is benchmarking’s best friend, and our disclosure map can be used as a powerful tool to start conversations about building performance. Add to or remove from the public disclosure map with the click of a button.

Let’s talk!

We’d love to discuss your benchmarking and disclosure program, and see if GRID would be a good fit to help make the process easier.

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