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GRID is North America’s premier building decarbonization tool, transforming building energy data into actionable decarbonization insights. GRID enables private sector clients to measure their current performance and future-proof their buildings, while also supporting public sector clients in implementing carbon reporting and benchmarking regulations for buildings in their jurisdictions.

For Program Managers (Government or Financial Sector)

Data collection and management:

  • Direct integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM), the main source of building benchmarking data in North America.
  • Automatically flags data for various data compliance issues.
  • Ingests data from non-ESPM sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, or a covered building list.

Compliance Management Tool

  • Program management dashboard showing participant buildings by customizable statuses. 
  • Management and assignment of building contacts.
  • Send emails, scorecards, and log these communications.

Visualization, Reporting, & Analytics:

  • Data visualization and analytics portal with a map view and histograms, filterable to enable the user to interpret and isolate data in multiple ways.
  • Ability to highlight properties using “Case studies”, where the program manager can showcase properties on the public visualization. 
  • Ability to generate and send personalized reports for each property in a program, including year-over-year comparisons and benchmarks for key metrics. 

For Property Owners/Managers

Data collection and management:

  • Use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) as the primary source of data input for building attributes and utility bills; OPEN has been using ESPM and has experience in reviewing and managing thousands of ESPM files.
  • Ability to report through GRID’s “Building Owner Portal”, which, provides early feedback on data quality, gives updates on the status of a submission, and enables owners to upload files.


Visualization, Reporting, & Analytics:

  • Building-level “scorecards”, providing each property owner with key benchmark information. We also are able to provide high level diagnostics and energy end-use breakdowns to guide decarbonization strategies in buildings.

For Public Stakeholders

Visualization, Reporting, & Analytics:

  • Public data portal with a map view and histograms, filterable to enable the user to interpret and isolate data in multiple ways.
  • Clickable building summaries and case studies / highlighted sustainability projects.

Program Management and Support

At OPEN we are passionate building performance experts. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds including commercial real estate, consulting engineering, and local government which allows us to develop engaging training programs that are based on the lived experience in all aspects of the market. We leverage our expertise to better support building owners required to benchmark and report their data. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can support your program needs!

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GRID was developed with initial support and collaboration from Natural Resources Canada, which has been building out the building energy data collection pathways for over a decade. NRCan, like OPEN, saw the need for consistent, comparable, and rigorous tools for jurisdictions to aggregate performance data…. hundreds or thousands of buildings at a time.