Net-Zero Navigator

is a free, web-based, and cloud-enabled optimization platform that unlocks the full potential of parametric whole-building energy modelling. Developed in partnership with Dr Ralph Evins and his team at the University of Victoria.

Building Benchmark BC

is a program that supports property owners to participate in voluntary building energy benchmarking and disclosure.


The building components market is shifting. OPEN’s analytics platform, Shift, smooths this transition. The BC Energy Step Code is being used by a growing number of local governments to drive higher energy performance in new buildings in their jurisdiction. Shift provides building industry participants with a clear picture of how the Step Code will shift the anticipated demand from low to high performance building components across Metro Vancouver.


Confident policy making, asset management, and investment require accurate performance data. Energy benchmarking is the process of tracking and recording a building’s energy performance over time and comparing that performance to other buildings in its class.

GRID helps jurisdictions run energy benchmarking and disclosure programs, providing a data backbone to inform policy development in service of energy and carbon efficient cities.