Net-Zero Navigator

Early-stage design decisions have a lasting impact on the long-term performance and cost of a new construction project; however, traditionally very little time is spent exploring options and analyzing trade-offs. Net-Zero Navigator offers a clear solution: a free, web-based, and cloud-enabled optimization platform software that unlocks the full potential of parametric whole-building energy modelling. Developed in partnership with the University of Victoria’s Dr. Ralph Evins and his team at the University of Victoria. (


Powerful Energy Modelling for All 

Whole-building energy modelling is a standard tool used for new construction projects targeting higher performance. The modelling process can be slow and does not guarantee the “best” or “optimal” solution. At its core, Net-Zero Navigator allows users to undertake parametric studies based on machine-learning based surrogate models developed by Dr Ralph Evins and his team.

Users can select from a variety of typical building templates and climate zones, explore design solutions and easily optimize the results for lowest energy use, thermal energy demand intensity, greenhouse gas emissions, construction cost, operational cost, lifecycle cost, and combinations of these and other factors. For advanced users, custom models can be uploaded and optimized, and existing building models can be calibrated for renovation scenarios.


Intuitive Data Visualizations

OPEN Technologies created and developed the web-based interface that allows users to unlock the power of the underlying surrogate models. In partnership with Plot + Scatter, the team developed intuitive and creative data visualizations to guide users through their analysis.


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