Ottawa’s Better Buildings Strategy takes the next step forward with the deployment of GRID

Ottawa will use the innovative ‘climate tech’ software to track emissions and support building owners in becoming more energy efficient.

Ottawa building owners and managers will soon have one-click access to detailed information on how their buildings are performing, helping them lower their properties’ greenhouse gas emissions. As one of the first actions in the Better Buildings Strategy, the City of Ottawa has licensed OPEN Technologies’ GRID benchmark and disclosure software.

The Better Buildings Ottawa benchmarking program will use GRID to enable building owners and managers to voluntarily submit energy usage data and learn how their properties rank on energy and emissions relative to their peers. GRID’s powerful analysis and data-visualization capabilities will provide valuable energy insights reports to those owners to make more informed investments in their assets when the time comes. It will also provide the city with new insights not previously available on where and how buildings in Ottawa consume energy and emit carbon.

Ottawa joins 16 BC jurisdictions, the City of Calgary, the province of Nova Scotia, and the Canada Green Building Council—all of which are using GRID to manage their building benchmarking programs.

See the full media release [PDF] for more details, and stay tuned for more updates.


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