Nova Scotia Unlocks the Power of Building Energy Benchmarking with GRID

Nova Scotia building owners and managers will soon have one-click access to detailed information on how their buildings are performing, helping them lower their properties’ greenhouse gas emissions.

They will do so because in March we licensed our GRID benchmark and disclosure software to EfficiencyOne—the non-profit organization operating in Nova Scotia as Efficiency Nova Scotia. A national leader in energy efficiency program innovation, they deliver electricity efficiency and conservation programs in Nova Scotia. 

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s benchmarking pilot will use GRID to invite building owners and managers to voluntarily submit energy usage data, and learn how their properties rank on energy and emissions relative to similar building types elsewhere in the province.

GRID’s data-visualization capability will ultimately allow those owners to make more informed equipment upgrade investments.

In 2019, Natural Resources Canada funded OPEN Technologies to develop GRID as a tool that jurisdictions can use to run rigorous and consistent benchmarking programs. By helping jurisdictions like Nova Scotia aggregate performance data from thousands of ENERGY STAR™Portfolio Manager accounts, GRID helps advance energy and emissions reporting and disclosure across Canada.

We developed the Nova Scotia Energy Benchmarking Pilot in partnership with NRCan, the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Canada Green Building Council.

The EfficiencyOne pilot focuses on commercial and institutional buildings (including multi-unit residential buildings) and provides valuable information to building owners helping to identify potential areas for improvement, optimization, and savings. 

With EfficiencyOne, Nova Scotia joins 12 BC municipalities, the City of Calgary, and the Canada Green Building Council—all of which are using GRID to manage their building benchmarking programs.


See the full press release here [PDF].