Job Posting:

Senior Fullstack Engineer (Frontend Focus)

About Us

The built environment contributes roughly 40% of annual global emissions. Around the world, governments, utilities, capital providers, and portfolio managers are transforming the market forces that shape our cities. OPEN’s data and software tools help them to make pro-climate decisions with confidence, by providing actionable insights on the best pathways to achieve energy and carbon savings from buildings.

Our Products

OPEN’s most mature product—GRID—collects data that describes the physical properties of commercial buildings alongside their utility usage. We use this data to benchmark the energy and carbon intensity of buildings at the municipal and portfolio levels. GRID is currently deployed in 28 jurisdictions – including 23 of the 100 Canadian cities over 50,000 people—and is being actively used to inform policy and incentive programs designed to accelerate energy and carbon savings from buildings.

We use GRID’s data to train surrogate models that allow us to generate the most capital and energy efficient retrofit pathways for a given building. As this tech matures, we will be able to give portfolio-level guidance on which buildings should be retrofitted first for maximum impact. We are currently focusing this effort in the affordable housing sector, where capital efficiency means more homes for more people who need them.

Our Culture

OPEN is a dynamic technology company that’s changing the game in climate action and environmental innovation. Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about having a positive impact on the world. We are a small but ambitious group of people aligned around an outward facing mission and a commitment to building a culture of shared exploration, curiosity, and growth.

As a small team, we need generalists who can execute across the stack with high autonomy, and self-starters who love the challenge of building fast to learn fast. We need folks who understand the urgent need for change, and bring that fire to work.

Our Stack

We’re a data company, and our stack reflects this. Our core is built in Clojure, a purely functional JVM language where data is a first-class citizen. Increasingly, we leverage Python both for its machine learning capabilities and its ease of use on the backend. On the frontend we use both ClojureScript and JS (mostly React and D3).

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know Clojure to join OPEN. We value whatever experience you bring, in whatever language, and whatever domain. We think Clojure has some really special features that you’ll love, and we’re excited to support you in learning them.

About You

Every OPEN team member has the same top line item on their role description: to be a part of making OPEN successful, its work impactful, and its work culture collegial, creative, and productive.

We believe that every full stack engineer leans either a little towards the frontend or the backend. For this role, we’re looking for that forward lean.

As a Senior Fullstack Engineer (Frontend Focus) you will:

  • Help OPEN to flourish by:
    • Deeply impacting the patterns, conventions, and tools we use across the stack—with a focus on the frontend
    • Leading the implementation of complex changes spanning multiple products
    • Working with the product managers and company leadership to help to clarify overall product roadmap and support the process of breaking requirements down into their component parts
    • Championing simple solutions that are secure, reliable, performant, and easy to change
  • Help your team to flourish by:
    • Sharing your deep knowledge with more junior team members
    • Cutting through the noise to maximize effort:value in daily work
    • Demonstrating great teamwork as measured by metrics like cycle time and minimal WIP

You are:

  • A doer: highly effective at turning ideas into actions and actions into impact
  • A “learn it all”, not a “know it all”
  • A natural collaborator both internally and externally
  • A willing and practiced mentor

You have:

  • Demonstrable experience in leading the implementation of frontend-heavy features
  • A deep understanding of how the browser works
  • Fluency in the myriad ways we can move data between the server and the client (REST, GraphQL, Websockets, etc)
  • Strong opinions about server-side rendering vs single-page applications
  • Strong functional programming fundamentals, with a proven track record of adapting to new tools and coding environments.
  • Breadth of technical understanding from backend to frontend, data, and security
  • Ability to think in systems and to make decisions iteratively
  • Passion for and experience in cultivating strong teams


  • Experience with Clojure and/or Python
  • Experience with data visualization
  • A civil or mechanical engineering background and/or a background working in the building industry

Location, Hours, and Salary

This is a hybrid role located in Vancouver BC. Folks come to the office 1-3 times a week. We are also very open to conversations about less-than-full-time employment (3 or 4 days per week), particularly for candidates who are parents and/or caregivers.

This role will be classified as either Engineer 4 (Senior) or Engineer 5 (Staff). The salary range for this full-time position is $90,000-$140,000 CAD. Salary is determined within this range commensurate with competency. All OPEN employees are eligible to participate in OPEN’s benefits program after a three month probationary period.

OPEN strives to build a team that reflects the diversity of the communities we are a part of.  We encourage applicants from groups that are underrepresented in tech such as women, visible minorities, Indigenous persons, LGBTQ2 persons, and persons with disabilities.