Embodied Carbon Pathfinder is now live!

We are pleased to announce that one of our favourite legacy projects has seen a major scope expansion. The PathFinder tool, which has been helping users to test building design scenarios for their operational energy and emissions for several years, is now being complemented by the Embodied Carbon PathFinder. This free web app will now allow users to see the embodied carbon implication of different design and materials selections, giving life cycle assessment (LCA) results for three typical multifamily residential building types.


OPEN Technologies again collaborated with Morrison Hershfield on this phase, with the Athena Institute joining the project group with its Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings forming the analytical backbone of the tool.  Morrison Hershfield developed the data using the Athena estimator, while OPEN again programmed the visualization software and developed the user interface.


Users of this tool can select various design and material options and quickly view the impact on embodied carbon for the archetype building. Or, if aiming for a particular embodied carbon result, they can find which “pathways” through material and design options are available to achieve that result.


This tool is hosted by OPEN Technologies, alongside a suite of free sustainability web apps. 


Check out the Embodied Carbon PathFinder here!