Virtual Energy Score for Homes

Unlock insights for sustainable communities with OPEN’s Virtual Home Energy Score

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OPEN’s unique AI-driven tool meticulously models energy consumption and carbon emissions data for homes, transforming energy use data into personalized retrofit roadmap for each home. Homeowners receive tailored insights with detailed, real-world actions to be taken for maximum decarbonization impact.

Leveraging AI to Accelerate Residential Energy Efficiency at Scale

Scores and retrofit roadmaps are generated through OPEN’s unique AI-driven building and energy modelling tool. The model is trained on geographically-specific data and generates high-accuracy results in a fraction of the time as compared to the conventional energy audit.

Drive Local Policy and Program Development

By unlocking insights from thousands of homes, jurisdictions can benefit from:

  • Guidance on the most effective energy conservation measures for future program development
  • Visualization of energy performance distribution via an intuitive city-wide map
  • Identification of valuable correlations and trends by neighborhood, housing type, and age
  • Informed decision making for maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability efforts

Engage and Empower Homeowners

Educate and guide homeowners with a personalized ‘Retrofit Roadmap’ for each home that includes:

  • Tailored energy savings and emissions reductions measures
  • Project cost and payback estimates
  • Connections with local financial and informational resources

Interested in learning more about the benefits of engaging homeowners in climate action? Check out our research report!

The market research report – “Stuck: Why home electrification is lagging in British Columbia and what must be done to break the deadlock on residential carbon retrofits” – summarizes the findings of a trio of original public-opinion studies, and points to opportunities that governments and retrofit program designers can leverage to quickly decarbonize British Columbia’s housing stock. 

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See the tool in action!

OPEN has partnered with the City of Saskatoon to provide the estimated energy consumption and carbon emissions for Saskatoon’s 70,000 ground-oriented homes.

Check out the YXE Home Energy Map