Virtual Audits and Decarbonization Planning

Unlock Your Portfolio’s Retrofit Potential with Streamlined Decarbonization Planning

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The first step in getting to net zero is understanding which buildings – and which retrofit actions in those buildings – represent the best opportunity for action. The traditional approach starts with costly, time consuming, and resource intensive manual audits.

Our offering addresses a central challenge on the path to net zero by streamlining early diagnostics and planning, saving time, costs, and engineering resources. By virtualizing portfolio-level and coarse building-level assessments, professionals can allocate resources more efficiently for detailed planning and retrofit implementation.

Decarbonization Planning at Scale

  • Our AI engine delivers virtual energy audits and decarbonization plans in 1/10 the time and 1/10 the cost of a traditional audit.
  • Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming manual audits and energy modelling processes, saving thousands of dollars and weeks of time.
  • Powered by surrogate modelling expertise, our tools generate highly aligned results with minimal computing load, enabling rapid adaptation for various scenarios and use cases.

Portfolio-level insights:

  • Identify which buildings are the best candidates for retrofits and the implementation of energy conservation measures.
  • Allocate engineering resources to their highest and best uses, enhancing sector-wide efficiency and effectiveness.

Building-level insights:

  • Generate real-time insights, for one building or one thousand with simultaneous data collection from multiple sources.
  • Identify the suite of actions that best reflect results and capital plans, factoring in financing and incentive programs where applicable.
  • Receive recommended emission reduction measures and detailed savings and cost estimates, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

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