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Accelerating the development of affordable housing in Canada through data-driven feasibility insights

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The Affordable Housing Navigator provides developers of non-profit housing with early, comprehensive, and detailed insights into project viability. This enables an assessment of whether a project is worth investing internal or external resources toward, reducing uncertainty and increasing confidence in decision-making and playing a critical role in boosting housing starts. 

The Affordable Housing Navigator is:

  • Comprehensive, encompassing space allocation, energy modelling, cost modelling and financial planning
  • Streamlined, with a mix of user input and modelled insights to quickly build project pro-formas and design spects
  • Interactive, with the ability to rapidly generate, test, and compare multiple project scenarios, plus the ability to export and share key project assets with internal and external stakeholders
  • Scalable, able to be used by any housing provider with a vision and an internet connection, anywhere in Canada. 

Unlock accurate building cost and energy estimates

To generate an accurate building cost and energy estimate, the user can easily describe the essential details of their site location, building design, and space allocation.

Through this process, the software guides the user toward beneficial specifications that optimize funding incentives. For example, users can quickly refine their unit mix and view real-time implications on their incentive eligibility.

Improve Project Viability with Live Scenario Testing

The Affordable Housing Navigator enables users to assess design-finance trade-offs with its scenario generation tool.
Scenarios can highlight a variety of unit mixes, floor space ratios, parking inclusion or exclusion, and more.
With each scenario, new cost figures are generated based upon the selected adjustments. The tool makes it easy to share scenarios with stakeholders – a complete summary, proforma, unit mix, and design spec may be exported at any time.

See what people have to say about the Affordable Housing Navigator:

Housing Providers

“I love it, I’m always separately calculating these things; [this] has everything in one page.” – Development Manager

“This is a game changer, helping our team understand the decisions we’re making and how they affect our financials.” – Senior Development Manager

Capital Providers

“We appreciate that this shows a pathway to blending affordability and performance.” – Financial Product Lead

“Staff typically see about two years and lots of hours between the first meeting with a project proponent and a viable submission; this looks like it can help.” – Client Relations Specialist

Development Consultants

“It would really save time t o generate the 15-20 project scenarios I currently do at a loss, to help the project get ready for funding” – Partner, Development Consultancy


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The Affordable Housing Navigator project received funding from the Housing Supply Challenge – Data Driven Round, however, the views expressed are the personal views of the author and CMHC accepts no responsibility for them.