Theo Christiaanse

Manager of Custom Software Solutions

I joined OPEN after my post-doctoral fellowship at the Energy in Cities Group based at the University of Victoria. Here, I worked on a combination of physics-based building energy modelling, mixed integer linear programming optimization, data science, machine learning techniques, and evidence based public policy design. Combining these topics, I experimented with numerous ways to find fast, accurate, and cost-effective ways to improve new building design, find retrofit solutions for existing buildings, and understand how changes in the building stock will impact future emissions.

I am deeply passionate about sustainability, and developing models that capture multiple aspects, of wicked problem that is, the built environment. I hope to see us create livable resilient equitable bike/walkable affordable green carbon negative communities.

I regularly go for runs and walks, and have a meditation practice. During the COVID lockdown, I started to learn how to speak Chinese to kill my time which I’m not spending commuting. Outside of work I spend time with my family and friends, read non-fiction books, and like to keep up-to-date with various technology and scientific developments.


Our team has decades of experience in green building innovation, software development, and business development.

With executive and management level experience in policy-making, real estate development, property management, architecture, energy modelling, product management, and business management, we have a holistic understanding of the building sector and the leverage points to create positive change.

OPEN Technologies grew out of the OPEN Green Building Society, a non-profit organization that has been developing open source software tools for the green building space since 2013. Today, OPEN Technologies and OPEN Green Building Society are affiliated organizations with a shared goal: to use data to shape a regenerative future for our cities.

Andrew Shopland

GRID Visualization Lead

Bryan Luu

Software Developer

Carol Gomez

QA Analyst / Product Support

Christian Cianfrone

Co-founder and Director, OPEN
Director of Decarbonization, EllisDon

Daniel Eden

GRID Product Manager

Dave Ramslie

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Donovan Woollard

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Eesmyal Santos-Brault

Co-founder, OPEN
CEO, Quantified Citizen

Gaurav Vijayvargia

Senior Software Developer - Custom Projects


Floor Manager

Jesse Sherlock

Director of Technology

Julia Watson


Justin Belanger

Software Developer

Justine Wiklo

Business Analyst

Paul Lucas

Senior Developer

Ryan McCuaig

Senior Advisor, Technology

Theo Christiaanse

Manager of Custom Software Solutions