Theo Christiaanse

Manager of Custom Software Solutions

I joined OPEN after my post-doctoral fellowship at the Energy in Cities Group based at the University of Victoria. Here, I worked on a combination of physics-based building energy modelling, mixed integer linear programming optimization, data science, machine learning techniques, and evidence based public policy design. Combining these topics, I experimented with numerous ways to find fast, accurate, and cost-effective ways to improve new building design, find retrofit solutions for existing buildings, and understand how changes in the building stock will impact future emissions.

I am deeply passionate about sustainability, and developing models that capture multiple aspects, of wicked problem that is, the built environment. I hope to see us create livable resilient equitable bike/walkable affordable green carbon negative communities.

I regularly go for runs and walks, and have a meditation practice. During the COVID lockdown, I started to learn how to speak Chinese to kill my time which I’m not spending commuting. Outside of work I spend time with my family and friends, read non-fiction books, and like to keep up-to-date with various technology and scientific developments.


Our team has decades of experience in green building innovation, software development, and business development.

With executive and management level experience in policy-making, real estate development, property management, architecture, energy modelling, product management, and business management, we have a holistic understanding of the building sector and the leverage points to create positive change.

OPEN Technologies grew out of the OPEN Green Building Society, a non-profit organization that has been developing open source software tools for the green building space since 2013. Today, OPEN Technologies and OPEN Green Building Society are affiliated organizations with a shared goal: to use data to shape a regenerative future for our cities.

Alex Hammel

Director of Technology

Andrew Shopland

GRID Visualization Lead

Carol Gomez

QA Analyst / Product Support

Christian Cianfrone

Director & Advisor, OPEN
Executive Director, ZEBx

Daniel Eden

GRID Product Manager

Dave Ramslie

Director & Advisor, OPEN
VP of Sustainability, Concert Properties

Donovan Woollard

Principal & CEO, OPEN

Eesmyal Santos-Brault

Co-founder, OPEN
CEO, Quantified Citizen

Gord McCuaig

Floor Manager

Greg Sugiyama

Software Developer

Julia Watson


Justin Belanger

Software Developer

Justine Wiklo

Business Development Coordinator

Lachlan McBride

Data & Business Analyst

Max Savchenko

Software Developer

Ryan McCuaig

Senior Advisor, Technology

Theo Christiaanse

Manager of Custom Software Solutions