Job Posting:

Software Developer

How would you spend your time?

  • Attending daily 10:00 am standups
  • Helping with work planning / designing features and breaking them down into doable work
  • Implementing features
  • Diagnosing and fixing the sadly inevitable bugs and minor mismatches in design expectations
  • Preparing and monitoring production environments for customers


Minimum qualifications


  • Are a generalist; you know a broad swath of the web development domain
  • Are an intermediate web programmer, likely with 5-10 years of experience ( please apply if you meet the requirements)
  • Take high level direction (goals-of-the-week level)
  • Are very strong in Unix/Linux, stitching systems together
  • Have excellent written communication skills; you write lucid, short English and get the point across
  • You are willing to critique work and have your work critiqued
  • You understand basic Javascript, HTML, CSS without transpilers (ie. can work below level of Babel/SCSS when things go south).
  • You are familiar with React / Redux / Ramda
  • Have a willingness to learn new things, problem-solve, ask for help, admit your mistakes and share your expertise generously



(If you have experience with any of the following, be sure to mention it in your cover letter):

  • Clojure/Clojurescript
  • Functional programming
  • Python + Django
  • Javascript
    • React + Redux for current work
    • Backbone for legacy work (maps)
    • Vega / D3
    • Leaflet.js
  • Ansible
  • Postgresql
  • Docker
  • Web authentication
  • Solid understanding of the production architecture of web applications
  • Test-driven development (mostly unit-testing level)
  • Browser acceptance testing in Cucumber
  • Both object-oriented and functional programming experience
  • Prior knowledge of the architecture, engineering and construction sector


How can you apply?

Please send the following to with the subject line Last Name, First Name, Software Developer.

1.   A one-page resume showing relevant experience
2.   A brief cover letter that explains how you meet the requirements and why you are interested in working with OPEN