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OPEN Technologies built GRID to help jurisdictions run successful building energy benchmarking programs with ease. This software is made available to Canadian jurisdictions for free, thanks to funding from Natural Resources Canada.

GRID syncs with Standardized Energy Efficiency Database (SEED), an enterprise data platform that pulls data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) and other sources to manage building attribute and utility data. This ensures building owners and managers can continue to use an interface they are comfortable with (ESPM), while program managers get access to insightful dashboards and metrics at a program level.

GRID helps jurisdictions manage the relationships that are involved in the successful management of any community engagement program. If your energy benchmarking program is voluntary, you can track who has opted in, and maintain a history of conversations and interactions, as well as keeping up to date the status of their properties in relation to the program.

Running a mandatory benchmarking program? GRID can help with this too. Track requests for exemption, status, and of course those same relationship management and utility data components.

No matter what kind of program you run, GRID can help visualize the data you are collecting into useful and actionable ways, most notably with the data visualization map. This map interface displays all disclosed properties and their utility information.

This product is intended for provinces, local governments, and industry associations who have the technical resources to run and host the software themselves. If that is not you, please consider other offerings below.

GRID – Software as a Service
This version of GRID has premium-only features and workflows – contact us at for an updated list. It also includes regular maintenance updates, hosting, and technical support. Paying for GRID with an annual service charge ensures you can experience the latest version of the software, and can influence changes made to the software ongoing. This option requires no internal technical support.

Partially Managed & Fully Managed Programs
OPEN also offers program management for cities who do not have bandwidth to run such a program, but want to see the results. Please contact us to learn more at

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